Kwakiutl Fisheries Department

The purpose of the Kwakiutl Fisheries Department is to facilitate and encourage the long term sustainable development of our commercial and food fishing resources. Conservation and careful management and use of our fishing resources are a fundamental priority of the Kwakiutl Band, in the interest of this and future generations. The Kwakiutl Band is acutely aware of the fundamental cultural, social and economic role played by the fisheries sector, including:

  • Generating community income
  • Providing employment for community members
  • Socioeconomic development for the community

Underpinning these basic social, cultural and economic objectives is the requirement for the fisheries to be responsibly managed. This includes preventing over-fishing, coordination and the delivery of effective research and training. The Fisheries Department is committed to working with Band members and to forging closer and more effective partnerships with national institutions, academia and the private sector to achieve long-term sustainable results in the fisheries sector.

The Kwakiutl Fisheries Department has a commitment to teamwork in a spirit of cooperation and openness, fostering a community-oriented cultural environment, respect for differences of opinion and personal trust.

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