Wagalus School

The Kwakiutl Band operates a certified band operated school providing grades preschool to grade seven. Professionally staffed, the school offers a fully accredited course of instruction, with an excellent student to teacher ratio. The school offers language instruction as well as other culturally related programming in addition to the regular BC curriculum.

Wagalus Staff and Students are guided each day by the following Kwakiutl teachings:

  • Maya'xala - respect for self, others, our school, and everything
  • Hutłilala - listen
  • Wa'la - stop
  • Salt'idas - calm yourself, be still
  • Dałaxa ik noke' - carry a good heart

Wagalus Elementary School 

116 Eagle Place
P.O. Box 1440
Port Hardy, B.C. V0N 2P0
Phone: 250-949-5722

Office Staff 

Pehgee Aranas - Principal
Liz Cadwallader - Secretary/Receptionist 

Teaching Staff 

Pre-Kindergarten: Kimberly Hunt
Kindergarten/Grade 1 - Davina Hunt
Grade 1/2 - Dorothy (Dede) Nelson
Grade 3/4 - Tanya Hunt
Grade 5/6/7 - Patricia Dawson Hunt

Education Assistants

Nadine Hunt
Theresa Johnson
Chris Lau


Support Staff

Language Support
Marion Warner
Florence Vesey
Julia Nelson

Cook - Jacquita White
Maintenance/Janitor - Harry Humchitt
Bus Driver - Joanne Ranger