Forestry Manager

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Kwakiutl Band Office

The management of the Kwakiutl Foresty Department is a complex role managing the oversight and implementation of Kwakiutl stewardship values and implementation of the Kwakiutl Land Use Plan (LUP) in alignment with the commercial aspects of resource extraction in Kwakiutl Territory and Douglas Treaty Lands. Kwakiutl are looking for staff who are experienced in the application of Forestry Policy, know industry best practices, can provide field services, mentor Kwakiutl staff, and guide Kwakiutl into a position of control of forest resources in the territory, and prosperity in all future actions related to forestry and forest management. 


  • Primary responsibility will be to establish and manage a functional referrals program that meets the framework and policies within the current and evolving Kwakiutl Land Use Plan.
  • Optimize the use of technology platforms (Trailmark) in recording stewardship and economic information related to forest resources.
  • To facilitate healthy and productive conversations within the Nation to ensure that the Nation's Land Use Plan reflects the Community's current stewardship plan. 
  • To review ongoing resource activities to ensure their implemantation is aligned with the Nations Land USe Plan. 
  • To represent and participate in discussions and negotiations with the Province, Industry and other proponents operating in the Territory - This includes the development of a clear and transparent process for the engagement of external proponents, in alignment with Lands and Resources and Economic Development offices.
  • To verify and catalogue inventory and ecosystems. 
  • To work with Kwakiutl's economic development professionals to optimize opportunity.
  • To work with Kwakiutl's Lands and Resources staff to ensure cohesion in operational planning. 
  • Perform field work and mentor Kwakiutl members showing interest in entering the forest and natural resource management sector.
  • Engage with the Kwakiutl members and community about the forest sector, opportinities, and stewardship values.

Knowledge of Kwakiutl community, culture and language is an asset. It is paramount that all positions within the KNDC/KBC strive to communicate and serve the Kwakiutl people in a manner that respects, enhances and promotes the cultural identity and well being of both the individual and the community. This position will ensure cultural safety by:

  • Gaining cultural awareness and cultural sensitivity.
  • Understanding and complying with any Kwakiutl policies and positions statements on "cultural safety" (and ensuring it is reflected in individaul training and professional development plans)
  • Ensuring that plans, policies, and activities undertaken promotes the cultural aspects of the Kwakiutl People and traditions.
  • Overall assisting in the articulation and establishment of cultural influence expectation in Kwakiutl Forestry business planning and day-to-day operations. 


  • A professional designation in forestry or natural resource management. Registered Professional Forester/Forestry Technician. (RFP)
  • Minimum ten years of experience managing Provincial Forest policy. 
  • An ability to clear conflicts is crcial. Specifically, the successful candidate has no professional or personal association with another Nation or with Industry operating in the Nation's Territory.
  • Strong communications skills and an ability to create linear critical path and be accountable for work product. 
  • Is able to create schedules, budgets, and work plans for the departments and performance management. 
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, negotiation, formal writing (such as briefing notes, strategy documents, work plans etc.) and communications skills.
  • The ability to engage and work effectively with Kwakiutl community members and other stakeholders. 


  • Successful applicant must periodically undergo a police information check (PIC) 
  • No current or past litigation against First Nations or Indigenous Organizations.
  • Pre-employment and post-incident drug/alcohol testing may be a requirement.
  • Travel to various destinations outside the typical worksite.
  • The successful applicant can expect to work in a variety of different work enviroments, as well as work outside the normal business hours and to function independently.
  • Abide by KNDC/KBC organizational policies (i.e, personnel policy and other policies). 
  • Willing to perform other duties as requested.


Competetive compensation package including extended health and pension benefits following successful probationary period.


Competition closes when a successful candidate is hired.


Required on request


As soon as possible.

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